New Fun With Slimefun

MHF_Rabbit a posted May 30, 16

MyCookieSlime has released another update to his awesome plugin and he's added some items you will probably be excited about. Thanks to his genius it is now possible to craft elytras. In addition he's added Elytra Scales, Infused Elytra and Soulbound Elytra. I know you love those soulbound items. Nice to have something that even lava can't take away. Check your Slimefun guide for recipes for these exciting new items and have fun!

Massivecraft's vampire plugin has been added and altars of light and darkness have been added to spawn. Every player can get one altar of darkness kit from the sign on the board at spawn. Look over the pros and cons of becoming a vampire here and decide if you wish to become a creature of darkness.

We Have Liftoff!

MHF_Rabbit a posted Apr 4, 16

Craftlords is launched and off to a good start.

Many thanks to those who have contributed their time and skills in helping get Craftlords off the ground. Spawn and the market fishing village are completely built by players and they look awesome!

I think the fishing village needs a name. Suggestions?

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