First off, I ran a server for a year before life got in the way. By ran, I mean I owned it, ran it, built it, and kept it running smoothly. Running a server is not for me, but I do miss the vampire aspect of it, hence my interest in this server.

What is your in-game name: AH_HH

Age: 35

Timezone: EST

Gender (optional): Male

What times of the day are you most active? Roughly 10pm to 1am most days, some days at random times. I have a life to live, but I do like Minecraft.

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with people that are younger or less mature than them? Question is vague. When dealing with younger and less mature people, they generally just need more time and help understanding.

How do you think others view you? What kind of person do you come across as to others? The quiet type. I tend to have my focus on gameplay with the occasional chat. Although I usually do try to keep up with chat.

Do you plan to play or are you only interested in staff? I would prefer to make this the main server I play on. However, there is much room for improvement if the owner is willing to listen.

Have you played Towny and/or Bending before? How would you describe your overall experience on Towny and/or Bending servers? Towny yes, Bending no. Overall experience with Towny is minimal at this time.

Do you have experience being staff? If so, can you tell us a little about your experience and anything you found challenging about being a staff member on a Towny and/or Bending server?
(Past experience is not required.) I owned a server for a year. The hardest part about it was the backend stuff, getting new players to join, keeping players (usually due to lack of current players to play with), and not making enough money from the project to cover expenses (due to lack of players). Most players come and go, but some come and stay, and some go a step further and try to help the server along.

What do you like most about craftlords, what do you think should be changed/worked on? I like the vampire and towny aspect. The economy needs work, spawn needs work, some tweaks here and there to encourage new players to stay (if it's too hard for new players to do anything and get established, they will leave), and various other small things.

Staff perms are used to help keep the server friendly, safe, fair and enjoyable for everyone but some staff may abuse their perms which we do not tolerate. Do you mind if we check up on you to make sure you’re using staff perms properly? Sure. Go for it. Staff abuse is a real issue and can usually only be handled if staff are randomly and routinely monitored.

Two players are arguing in global chat civilly and calmly, what should you do? So long as there are no rules being broken and they're not annoying other players, nothing. If it's being annoying to other players, I would probably ask them to take it to private message.

Two players are arguing in global chat, the argument is heated and one or both is being abusive, what should you do? Warning first, temp-kick next, longer temp-kick after that, then temp-ban if need be. Usually a warning will suffice. If not, usually a kick will suffice.

A new player logs onto the server spamming an advertisement then leaves, what should you do? Perma-ban. If possible, remove message.

You see a player blatantly hacking (flying, speed ect) what should you do? Perma-ban.