my Mine craft name is Fash36 I am 17 years old, my time zone is eastern standard time, my gender is male, I am mostly on in the evening, I would say don't let them get under your skin and try ignore them I think people view me as funny honest helpful and nice i plan on playing a lot I have played on towny and bending server before and i think there really fun and i like to meet new people while playing them I do have experience being staff the hard part about being staff for me is trying to fox or develop something in a server my favorite thing about this server is helping/meeting new people and i don't think anything should be changed to craft lords i do not mind if you check up on me to see if I'm using staff perms properly i would say not to fight and work it out and if your gonna fight please do it in msgs i would warn them for arguing and being abusive to each other if continued i would mute them if someone loged in started spamming and advertising i would perm ban them so they cant do it again if someone was hacking i would perm ban them from the server