What is your in-game name:PennywiseTC


Timezone:IST/GMT +5.5

Gender (optional):Male

What times of the day are you most active?

On my school days I usually play between 4pm to 9pm and on my days off I play in morning and evening

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with people that are younger or less mature than them?

I would advice them to cooperate with that person,be calm and don't be rude towards him/her

How do you think others view you? What kind of person do you come across as to others?

I don't know that how others view me but by seeing their behaviour towards me I can say that they view me as a decent person.I usually come across kind players who respect each other

Do you plan to play or are you only interested in staff?

Yes I am planning to play and I am online everyday

Do you have experience being staff? If so, can you tell us a little about your experience and anything you found challenging about being a staff member on a Towny and/or Bending server?
(Past experience is not required.)

No I have not been a staff member before on a minecraft server

What do you like most about craftlords, what do you think should be changed/worked on?

I liked the builds in the lobbies,concept of werewolves and vampires and the kindness/sense of humour of players
Whenever I am in a bad mood craftlords always sets me up and reduces all my frustration.Tbh server is already perfect

Staff perms are used to help keep the server friendly, safe, fair and enjoyable for everyone but some staff may abuse their perms which we do not tolerate. Do you mind if we check up on you to make sure you’re using staff perms properly?

No I don't mind if you check on me if I am using my staff perms correctly or no
(But don't check the chat between me and InstantPotatoes2 it's kinda personal lel)

Two players are arguing in global chat civilly and calmly, what should you do?

I would recommend them to not get heated up and if possible they can sort this out in personal mails

Two players are arguing in global chat, the argument is heated and one or both is being abusive, what should you do?

I would stop the argument and tell them to be nice to each other as we are here to play not fight

A new player logs onto the server spamming an advertisement then leaves, what should you do?

I would mute him (if I can) just in case he shows up again and I will report this to a higher staff member. I'll also tell everyone to ignore the advertisement or clear the chat with F3+D

You see a player blatantly hacking (flying, speed ect) what should you do?

I will first ask him/her to turn off his/her hacks but if he/she repeats it again I will record that player and report he/she to a higher staff member

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