What is your in-game name: Miss_Morbid

Age: 17

Timezone: CST

Gender (optional): Female

What times of the day are you most active? Usually in the evenings and at night.

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with people that are younger or less mature than them? I would tell them to be patient and not lose their cool, since getting mad and arguing with the child will only escalate the situation more.

How do you think others view you? What kind of person do you come across as to others? I'm not 100%, but I think others see me as a normal person, and I try to lighten the mood with jokes when it is appropriate. I don't think anyone views me as a mean person, but maybe a bit reckless.

Do you plan to play or are you only interested in staff? Of course I plan to play. I am currently establishing myself within a town right now.

Have you played Towny and/or Bending before? How would you describe your overall experience on Towny and/or Bending servers? I have played on many bending servers, and several towny servers. However, most bending servers I know about are factions, so this is a new experience for me.

Do you have experience being staff? If so, can you tell us a little about your experience and anything you found challenging about being a staff member on a Towny and/or Bending server? I have been staff on many servers before. I've been admin on two servers, moderator on 5 servers, and helper on around 12 servers. However, I have never been staff on a bending or a towny server, I usually tend to stick to survival/factions.
(Past experience is not required.)

What do you like most about craftlords, what do you think should be changed/worked on? Nothing so far, but I will not be afraid to let the owners know if any problems arise.

Staff perms are used to help keep the server friendly, safe, fair and enjoyable for everyone but some staff may abuse their perms which we do not tolerate. Do you mind if we check up on you to make sure you’re using staff perms properly? Of course, I have nothing to hide. That's not going to be an issue with me.

Two players are arguing in global chat civilly and calmly, what should you do?
I would probably not get involved right away, but closely monitor the situation and maybe encourage the players message each other instead.

Two players are arguing in global chat, the argument is heated and one or both is being abusive, what should you do?
I would warn the players and order them to stop their argument or take it off the public chat. If they do not stop, I will mute one or both players for a while. If the argument continues, I will tempban one or both of them.

A new player logs onto the server spamming an advertisement then leaves, what should you do? I would clear the chat to make this guy doesn't profit from his advertisement. If it is a consistent problem, I would ban the IP of any advertisers.

You see a player blatantly hacking (flying, speed ect) what should you do? I would confirm that they are actually hacking and then IP-ban them on the spot if enough evidence is gathered.

Other comments:
I have really enjoyed this server so far, and I hope you will consider me for an assistant role.