4 PM to 7 AM

To be patient with them and stay calm.

I am a troll in my personal life but I take responsibility very seriously so when acting as a staff member I am quite formal.

I have been playing and I will continue playing even if I do not become staff.

Yes to both, I have had fun playing both mods.

I have been an Owner, Head Admin, Admin, Head Mod, Mod, Builder, Chat Mod and Helper on 10 or so servers, I have no experience being staff on a server with these plugins.

I like the variety that we get with the plugins the most, and I think the map border could be made a little bigger.

I do not have a problem with that.

I would ask them to move to private messages.

I would probably ask them to stop first and then if they do not I would mute and warn them.

As they have already left and are probably not going to come back to play, I think I would temp ban them for a while and if at the end of the ban they come back and do it again then perm ban them.

I would warn them and then watch for a while to make sure they stopped.