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Age: 16

Timezone: PST

Gender (optional): Female but prefers Male pronouns.

What times of the day are you most active?:

I'm usually up in the mornings, at night I'm on but I'm not on my computer.

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with people that are younger or less mature than them?:

To be considerate and always keep your head cool. As well as to remain a good example for them. You never want to blow up at someone that are younger and less mature, it could be a bad example to set. So I'd advise to just be friendly and try your best not to get irritated.

How do you think others view you? What kind of person do you come across as to others?:

When it comes to normal conversations, I am extremely friendly. However, when it comes to more of mod things and situations I seem to be bold and sometimes intimidating when I am only doing my job. Overall, if anyone were to approach me, I'd be extremely friendly in their eyes.

Do you plan to play or are you only interested in staff?
Of course I plan to play! I am doing so as we speak. I am enjoying the server so I do intent to build on it and enjoy it.

Have you played Towny and/or Bending before? How would you describe your overall experience on Towny and/or Bending servers?:

I've only been on really a survival server where I was a mod. There were some towny servers I played, my experience at first was extremely rough but I soon enough warmed up to the idea and it was pretty fun afterwards!

Do you have experience being staff? If so, can you tell us a little about your experience and anything you found challenging about being a staff member on a Towny and/or Bending server?
(Past experience is not required.):

Yes, I was a mod before. It is not as difficult as it seems, but it is an important task. Sometimes it was frustrating to handle people who completely not follow the rules, but other times its not as hard as I thought it would be. Overall my experiences have been well, I may have had some ups and downs but its something I enjoyed doing, it was to help the server.

What do you like most about craftlords, what do you think should be changed/worked on?:

Overall everything seems to be amazing for me. However, possibly the bugs could do some fixing? and maybe more interaction from staff when people ask questions. Usually mine would get ignored even if a staff were to be online and talking, which can be frustrating.

Staff perms are used to help keep the server friendly, safe, fair and enjoyable for everyone but some staff may abuse their perms which we do not tolerate. Do you mind if we check up on you to make sure you’re using staff perms properly?:

Of course? I wouldn't see why I wouldn't allow it. I understand completely, so you're free to check up on me, and if I do any wrong you're also free to confront me so I may fix my issue.

Two players are arguing in global chat civilly and calmly, what should you do?:

I'd most likely ask what the issue is about to I can try to resolve it in the best of my abilities. However, I'd also talk to them both and tell them to drop the conversation and instead of arguing in global chat, take it up to an online helper instead. If none are on, I'd tell them to wait it out and bring it up to a helper when one does come on.

Two players are arguing in global chat, the argument is heated and one or both is being abusive, what should you do?

I'd keep a cool head, and warn them. If they continue I will provide them with a mute, for however long it needs to be set for. Usually I'd give roughly about 2-3 warnings before muting and then a few more warnings after before it is followed up after a longer mute and then possibly a 1 day ban.

A new player logs onto the server spamming an advertisement then leaves, what should you do?:

First I'd quickly take a screenshot, and I'd clear the chat, if I have the permission to. Then I'd give a soft ban for the amount of days its counted for.

You see a player blatantly hacking (flying, speed ect) what should you do?:

Firstly I'd record for proof, and then I'd report it to other staff members before carrying out a ban. I always make sure to have proof so later on I wouldn't have to be asked to provide some and end up with nothing. Proof is the most important thing I'd do in the situation.
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I would read this now but its too long. Ill assume u said something important and read later.
Posted Jul 24, 18
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Haha, My staff applications are always long. I havehad expirence in writing them, so i try my best in them.
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