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In-game name: beaann.
Age: 14.
Time Zone: North America Eastern.
Gender: This doesn't matter, but for clarifications, female.
Active: A lot. I'm mostly on and off, but I literally have spent a whole night on it.
Advice: The younger they are the less they know. Since their brain is unable to make rational decsions until it's fully developed, you have to learn to compromise with this person. Me: It kind of shifts depending on the person. I've changed, though. I used to be, 'that girl' who always made everyone have correct grammar and sentence structure but now most people ( I believe ) view me as a friend, an ambitious person, or someone they don't talk to much but would always be willing to help out if possible.
Interest: Uh, I freakin' am in LOVE with this server. Not a gazzilion people so that you won't be ignored and the plugins always make things extremely fun.
Towny/bending: In my town, I'm very loyal. Lots of other people have requested me to join their town but I stick with mine. As for bending, I like to experiment with everything as much as possible, so I just constantly switch elements. I think I'm finally settling with air now, though.
Staff Experience: I've been staff plenty of times before, but not on a bending/towny but I'll share anyway. In my staff experience, I learned that some people are insane and incredibly annoying and will cause you to explode (duh). So I was staff on a sever that's dead now, and there was this 11 y/o. He was spamming the chat about wanting diamonds. I told him that he'd have to work his way up, and that if he spams then he'll never reach his goal. I actually used this as advice on this server when I was the Grammar Police ( one again, I've changed! ).
Things about CL I Adore: I absolutely love the plugins, especially slimefun. SF is life! I also and deeply satisfied with the vampire and werewolf plugin. Another thing I like are pvs, auctioning, and G.
Improvement: I think that there should be a shop for selling, too. I spent about an hour gathering some materials to sell, and when I arrived at the shop I realized there was no selling option. Auctioning doesn't always work either.
Perms: I do not mind at all if you check if I've been using my perms correctly.
Arguments: I think of a compromise. To carry it out, I /msg each of them bits and pieces and convince them I'm on both of their sides, and each of them has a valid argument. I find a way to satisfy them both, and if that isn't possible I warn them. If that doesn't work , I'd temp mute. And on, and on, and on if that doesn't work.
Ads: Clear the chat, and warn or temp ban them depending on the ad/spam. I'd then make it clear to others online that it is not tolerated if you did so. If I do that, ( come on , it's the 21st century... we all know whats coming- disrespect. ) they'll probably begin. I would wanr them and once I got to three I'd temp ban for a day to prove it (if it happens).
Hacker: If I saw someone hacking, I would perm or temp ban depending on the hack. Also I would pretend to be on their side to gain back the items they might've taken with the hack and give them to a higher power once retrieved, then per/tempban.
Thank you so much for reading!
Posted Jul 12, 18 · OP
Level 1
Amazing, one thing though. Your commonly being warned for chat infractions. As a staff member can we expect you to set a good example?
Posted Jul 24, 18 · Last edited Jul 24, 18
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