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1. my ign is bligityblarg

2. age: 15

3. timezone: North America CST

4. gender: shouldnt matter really to anyone, but if needed, male

5. times of the day: i generally go day on-day off, my schedule will change from playing all day to playing for a few hours after 4pm my time.

6. kids will be kids, just wait till they grow up and do this :p

7. usually, im friendly, but sometimes i can be a real asshole

8. i plan to play as well as staff

9. i have a much larger experience with towny than i do with projectkorra, towny has always been a favorite of mine for removing the bitterness of factions whilst bringing players together for a common cause. projectkorra i feel is a very nice plugin so far, making it so that its not just whoever has the best gear that wins pvp, it inspires a lot more creativity in fights that i rather enjoy.

10. i have minor experience as staff, usually as a floating helper on smaller servers

11. what do i like most? that is a difficult question... ive gotta say i love the synergy, how *most* of the parts of the server fit together seemlessly, as if it was all custom made to work as one. as far as changing? the shop, definitely (discounting the current bending project going on right now). its decor is a bit bland for my taste, and i feel it is unclear for new players what the meta would be for getting rich quick, as the shop is the best way (so far, silking quartz ore is the best)

12. any time, any place. fortunately, unlike some people, i rather enjoy the challenge of doing things the right way.

13. civilly and calmly? hmm... as long as things didnt get too heated or salty, i think id leave it be, and probably watch for enjoyment, but if salt got thrown and flame wars started id try telling them to stop, and if they dont id make them stop by using a short tempmute, probably 5 minutes, to allow things to cool down.

14. as in 13, i would tell them to stop, and if not, force them to stop with a 5 minute tempmute, and if rage continues ill poke a higher up bc im not a very forceful person tbh

15. spam and then leave? i think that i would chat my disappointment, poke a higher up on what to do, because protocol tends to vary slightly between servers.

16. this is a difficult one, without knowing the server protocol. when mish was caught hacking (again, i might add), i think he was permabanned, and if i owned a server and someone hacked i would do the same, but i would poke a higher up bc again protocol varies between servers.
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