Hello! :d My name is MoonGem_ {This is my mc username} I would like to run for staff on your server! You will think why I am doing this and what can help the server??? Well I can help it! If there are problems going on and people are swearing or disturbing people, I will help. I can figure out any situations! If a person is feeling left out and doesn't have any help, I will help that too! I would do this because I want this server to be one of the "TOP" Servers Of Minecraft so we can get more players to have friends! Also People can enjoy this server more and invite their friends to come too! Then the population of the players on the server :-) This could make this server a better place! Hope you like the application! I am online almost every day! Unless I have vacation which I will say when I'm going on vacation. Age: 11 I'm most active in the mornings till night. On different servers other view me as a nice and helpfull person. I am interested in staff to help people and play at the same time. On bending servers and towny servers it seems really fun! My experience is wonderful! What I like most about craftlords is that its a fun,family friendly, and awsome server! I have not been staff before in a server but i'm very helpful. I think that the bending powers should be lag fixed because my friend lags when I use airspout. Kids play on this server and they don't like swear words. Swearing should be banned. Its fine if you check on me and see how i'm doing with hackers,bullies, ect. I should stop arguing and work it out. If people are arguing about little things then they can figure and work it out if its a little thing. If a person is hacking then they should be banned.

From, MoonGem_ :d