In-game name: Kydro_

Age: 14

Time Zone: Central

Gender: Male

Most active at 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

My advice to give to someone dealing people younger or less mature than them: be respectful but keep to standards

I believe others see me as helpful, respectful, and easy going.

I plan to play. The server has many options and always keeps me entertained.

I enjoy bending and towny. You get to have friends and work with each other but also be competitive with bending powers.

I have not experienced being a staff member on a towny server before, although something challenging I've dealt with is encouraging people to follow rules with bending. Such as no spamming the same bind or camping with tornado.

What I like most about craftlords is that there is always something to look forward to. Example: waiting for a full moon, or leveling up mcmmo stats. I believe the only things that should be worked on are obvious bugs and glitches. The lag should be worked on, but it's not a problem in my opinion.

I don't mind of you check up on me to make sure I don't abuse staff permissions at all. More servers should do this.

What to do if I see a calm argument between people: Politely ask them to take it to msg.

What to do if I see an aggressive argument between people:Give warnings, ask another staff member which punishment I should use if I don't know already, and if they don't stop, use the according punishment.

What to do if I see someone join and spam advertisements then leave: Clear the chat and ask another staff member what punishment is according to the situation if I don't know already.

What to do if I see someone blatantly hacking: Report to higher staff members unless I can do something about it myself. (most likely temp/perm ban)

I hope I can be accepted as Assistant and be of use to the people and the server.