What is your in-game name: ElitePikachu912

Age: 26

Timezone: Eastern

Gender (optional): Male

What times of the day are you most active?
I am mostly active time to time, Anytime you name it. But I will need a break if I have something special to do.

What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with people that are younger or less mature than them?
My advice would be that if they are young just help them out, Guide them through how to play on the server and if they needed help just help them out and give them tips of how to or what to make.
But if less mature just tell them to take a little break, No drama what so ever and just let them think about what they are doing, Either by taking a break off Minecraft and just get a hobby or just let them walk around place to place and let them have their own personal space.

How do you think others view you? What kind of person do you come across as to others?
People would view me friendly, fun and helpful but sometimes a little bit of a funny person as well.

Do you plan to play or are you only interested in staff?
I've planned to play and I'm very interested in becoming a staff member.

Have you played Towny and/or Bending before? How would you describe your overall experience on Towny and/or Bending servers?
I've played towny server which is pretty great to play on towny servers experiencing other building, knowing what other towns look like and how friend they are and what rules they have in their town as well.

Do you have experience being staff? If so, can you tell us a little about your experience and anything you found challenging about being a staff member on a Towny and/or Bending server?
(Past experience is not required.)
I have not been a staff but I like some teaching about being a staff member and tips as well from another staff that has had some experience.

What do you like most about craftlords, what do you think should be changed/worked on?
Well what I like about craftlords is Slimefun, since you can create different stuff to help you out for crafting food, different types of ingots and ores, Ability to create different weapons and tools as well. It's so much fun as well. But I think the one thing that needs worked on is Slimefun since there are different items that should be added as well to help out in a way of mining.

Staff perms are used to help keep the server friendly, safe, fair and enjoyable for everyone but some staff may abuse their perms which we do not tolerate. Do you mind if we check up on you to make sure you’re using staff perms properly?
Yes you may check on me but be sure to check on me daily.

Two players are arguing in global chat civilly and calmly, what should you do?
I would remain calm and ask them what they are arguing about, Than listen to both sides of the stories of what they are arguing and tell them to just drop it and leave it be.

Two players are arguing in global chat, the argument is heated and one or both is being abusive, what should you do?
I would warn them about the argument calmly after I have told them what they are arguing and who is abusing who before telling the mod to assist me out on the two players.
I would tell the staff to assist me out with the argument to assert what is going on and than mute them for the argument they have done.
A new player logs onto the server spamming an advertisement then leaves, what should you do?
I would remain calm tell the mods to help me out what to do with that person rather ban or mute the player that is advertising, If ban than I would ban them for the reason of advertisement.
You see a player blatantly hacking (flying, speed ect) what should you do?
I would punish them with a banhammer after I have discussed with a mod of what to do and how long I should ban them for.
Other comments: With great power would come with great pride from a new person that would be assisted by another staff member with useful tips of what to do and how it should be settled with.