We now have a new reward system for voting. Each time you vote you will receive 250 credits which you an spend on anything you choose in the vote store. In order to earn vote credits you will need to take a few steps to sync your minecraft and enjin accounts. The process is pretty simple.

1. Log into this website and join the community. Chances are you've done this already.

2. Add your character to your profile. This is important. If you've voted already and didn't receive any points this is what's missing. Don't worry about your missing points. Add your character then contact me in-game and I'll add the points you deserve. Here is the process for adding your character:

Click your name to go to your profile.
In your profile click on characters.
Under the minecraft icon click add character.
This will open the Add Game Character window with instructions. This is not as frightening as it looks. It's pretty simple really. What you are going to do is connect to enjin's server and get a code. Copy this address mclogin.enjin.com then, in your minecraft client, go to multiplayer, click direct connect and paste in that address (Ctrl-V).
When you paste, if it adds http:// to the beginning, remove that part. When you connect you will be given a code. Type this code into the window.
Then click save character.
Your done!
3. /Vote
Now you can start earning vote credits and save up for those nice rewards from the Vote Store.

** Note **
Once you have added your character contact me in-game and I'll give you 250 free credits.