Awesome Deco-heads are now available!
A huge database of deco-heads are now available to players via in-game play. To look over the database simply ask a Helper or Assistant for a tp to the location. To get deco-heads visit the villagers named "Deco-heads" in between the admin shop and the player shops. The shopkeeper trades various items for 8 wooden swords with lore. Once you have all 8, hold the sword with the lore Deco-head_1 in your hand and right-click. All 8 swords will disappear and a skull will appear in your inventory with the lore "Deco-head." Trade this to a Helper for a deco-head of your choice.
Each trade skull can be traded for 1 deco-head or up to 5 letters and/or numbers.
There's also sites like http://minecraft-heads.com/database/ where other heads can be found. If you want one from a website just let me know and I'll spawn it for you.