Parrot Anyone?

MHF_Rabbit a posted Aug 14, 17

Once again an update has added a new mob or two. Two in fact. You can now make a parrot your pet and the disguise packages now include two new mobs, parrots and the new illager called an Illusioner. Though they are not implemented in the game yet they are coded in and thus you can disguise yourself as one.

While talking about the store I should mention there is a new section for player powerboosts. You can boost your power 10, 20, or 30 points.

Another thing worth mentioning is a free item now available. In the kits section you'll find a disc catcher. This is a free fishing rod that catches only discs. Perfect for making your parrot pet dance. You don't need to make any purchases to get this disc catcher. Just put it in your cart, go fishing and enjoy the music.

Minecraft 1.11 has brought in some awesome new mobs. Now thanks to the impressive efforts of plugin developers you can now disguise yourself as one of these critters as well has leash them as pets. Check out the Friendly, Angry and Hostile packages in the store to become a Vindicator and take a Vex on a leash.

Voice your opinion!

MHF_Rabbit a posted Dec 8, 16

Answer a couple of polls and help make Craftlords better.

Vote Rewards Are Here!

MHF_Rabbit a posted Sep 10, 16

You can now get awesome stuff for voting and helping the server. Click here for info and instructions.

Craftlords now has deco-heads. Check out this post to see how to get them.

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